Cure for kidney stones

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Many of us face at least once in life a painful experience generated by the presence of kidney stones or sand deposits. The most frequent (50% incidence) stones are calcium-based phosphate or oxalate in combination with. Kidney stones are crystals which separated urine and accumulate in the kidney. If you remain small, can be eliminated through the urinary tract. Gallstones may contain various combinations. The most common are based on calcium stones in combination with phosphate or oxalate. Struviţii is generally formed by a urinary infection. Usually, contain magnesium and ammonia residue. Another category containing urate stones, the effect of excessive uric acid in the blood (protein metabolism disorder or excessive). Rarely meet cystine calculi in. Cystine accumulation is caused by a genetic disease.

                                                                   Cure for kidney stones

What causes kidney stones? There are many causes that can lead to stone formation: Genetic predisposition. Urinary infections. Polycystic kidney disease. Hyperparathyroidism (changes in calcium metabolism). Hyperuricosuria, hypercalciuria. Excessive consumption of vitamin D. Consumption of calcium carbonate antacids. It is not enough stomach acid to ensure proper absorption of minerals. Drinking water is very hard, that has a high mineral content. Not drinking enough water and the kidney has nothing disposed. There are disturbances in calcium metabolism or take too much calcium supplements (based on calcium carbonate). Consume too much food containing oxalates (spinach, tomatoes, rhubarb, beets, strawberries). Consume too much vitamin C (synthetic ascorbic acid obtained by chemical synthesis route is longer and metabolic form oxalic acid at a time). There is a deficiency of vitamin K2. Lemon juice, quickly and efficiently remedies Ideally, we try to correct the mistakes we make. But if you still happen to have deposits of sand or stones, especially those formed from calcium oxalate or phosphate, there is a fast and efficient remedy: lemon juice.

Methods of administration are many, but one that worked for me always is: squeeze lemons until a volume of 200 ml juice. Is filled with plain or sparkling water to 1 liter. If desired you can add ginger and honey can sweeten, stevia or agave syrup. It is important that the liquid is consumed on an empty stomach – the first cup in the morning and the rest between meals, 4-5 doses of 200-250 ml each. It is important to drink glass after each rinses your mouth thoroughly with water because the acid in the lemon not attack tooth enamel. If you consume lemonade with food the whole mixture will lead the intestinal track and cleaning effect will be rapid kidney failure or, at best, delayed. The effect appears very first day, but the ideal would be to repeat the procedure at least 3-4 days in a row. Typically, the treatment is well tolerated but if you experience heartburn or other stomach discomfort states, will have to find other ways and means. Lemon abosorbţia bring acid required for the proper minerals. In humans, the pH should be kept as constant in each segment of the digestive tract. To counteract the acidity of the lemon, the body will remove calcium deposits from the fastest available. To avoid the future formation of kidney stones, try as even one day a month to drink the lemonade in the same way: 1-liter lemonade 4-5 times daily on an empty stomach. Or you can start your day with a large glass of water and put the lemon juice. Try also to increase dietary intake of vitamin K2 (sauerkraut, kefir, cheese brie, natto, fermented soybeans) or supplements (80-100 micrograms/day).

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