Spring fatigue is not a fad! Find out how you get your energy!

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” I look forward to spring, but they appear first sunny days, instead I feel full of energy, are infirm and morale. If nothing pleases me, pass quickly from one state to another, from happiness to sadness. Not to talk about body aches and unexplained fatigue, you do not know how can I treat them, “says Alina M. forum on health. Do you recognize yourself in this scenario that repeats itself every spring? Spring fatigue is specific, psycho-somatic disorder, as experts call, usually occurring with the change of seasons. Factors leading to the appearance of fatigue are: Increased brightness and external temperature, inducing metabolic and hormonal changes; Sudden changes in atmospheric pressure; The shift to daylight saving time, which attracts an hour less sleep and disrupting daily schedule; Food deficiencies accumulated during the winter, due to insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals due to low consumption of fruits and vegetables. Did you know? The term “fatigue” comes from “-stenia” (force, force) and the prefix “a”, which means “no”. Asthenia designate a body of weakness, physical and mental fatigue.

Spring fatigue
Spring fatigue

Spring fatigue has long been questioned. Beyond the opinions of doctors that the fatigue would be nothing but weakness and lack of responsibility, there are studies that fall within asthenia spring seasonal affective disorders. Here, for example, Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal, director of the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda (USA), the author of studies on seasonal affective disorders, asthenia spring argues that there truly affects millions of people annually in the northern hemisphere. Fatigue, dizziness, Before describing the symptoms of fatigue spring, it is important to note that it is not a disease in itself, but a temporary imbalance, yet to be taken seriously affecting the quality of life for those people. And they are not few. Experts estimate that nearly half of the population accuses difficulty adapting to the new conditions the body to the season. Thus, as soon as spring is in the air, sensitive people start to accuse symptoms such as fatigue and malaise; daytime sleepiness; dizziness; decreased appetite; difficulty concentrating; headache/muscles / joints; irritability / emotional instability. The transition from winter to spring is felt mainly sedentary people who work inside the office, and less than those who are constantly active, doing sports, have a strong constitution. Higher predisposition to fatigue certainly of women compared to men because they have special physical and emotional peculiarities. And people who experience increased stress conditions may experience fatigue spring. In the category of vulnerable persons are also included patients with chronic diseases, which are usually weather-sensing and must make an extra effort to adapt to the new season.

Tips to keep away asthenia The best remedies to overcome spring fatigue observed in nature. Walking outdoors, food rich in green plants, a course of detoxification are solutions that can help to overcome more easily this time. Specifically, here’s what to do: 1. Spend as much time outdoors Winter cold does not allow us to conduct too many activities outside, but once spring comes, we have no excuse. Your body needs oxygen. So, go out, go for a walk as often as possible, spend a weekend in nature. You’ll feel firsthand that your mood improves. Your brain receives a flow of oxygenated blood, which stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness. In addition, sun exposure favors vitamin D synthesis in the skin, which contributes to wellbeing. 2. Give the green light to the crudity of the season Grow out of spring – nettles, spinach, pipework, wild garlic, onion, lettuce – are wonderful gifts of nature, a valuable source of vitamins and minerals. You can consume as salads, to receive their nutrients and detoxifying principles, but also as a soup are welcome. Why are plants green miraculous health? For they are the best sources of chlorophyll molecules that confer green and is responsible for photosynthesis. Or, photosynthesis means the necessary transformation of solar energy capture water and carbon dioxide into plant food. Chlorophyll is the primary energy source.

Therefore, feeding our body with green plants bring vital energy. 3. Avoid foods that bother the liver Consistent sauces, fried foods, fatty meats, refined products based on sugar and white flour should be limited to a maximum (best excluded) for the state of exhaustion does not increase. 4. Get enough sleep Rest is very important for the body to recover. 7-8 hours sleep per night if you do not want to miss energy during the day. Careful! It is best not to fall into the trap daytime sleepiness. Instead, afternoon sleep better go for a walk and guaranteed, you’ll sleep better at night. 5. Get your daily dose of energy BioGreens If you want to pass more easily over asthenia spring complements your diet with BioGreens from Zenyth , organic superfood germ, sprouts, and algae. Biogreens contains only organic ingredients, certified organic crops from wheat green barley grass, chlorella and spirulina algae, mint leaves, wheat germ, broccoli sprouts, barley seed and dry acerola extract. The product is available in the form of capsules or sachets of powder to be mixed with water, fruit juice, yogurt. With an envelope of BioGreens every morning at breakfast, you will enjoy the energizing properties, antioxidant, detoxification, anti-stress and anti-aging green food. BioGreens – green pharmacy champion – is exactly what your body needs them in spring!

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