Apple juice: better than dehydration solutions

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Your child has gastroenteritis and is in danger of dehydration? You know, of course, oral dehydration solutions. But these electrolyte beverages are often rejected by their children because of unpleasant taste, a combination of salty and sweet. What do you do when you see your child in pain and do not want to get him the infusions? Saving can come from a natural drink with pleasant, pleasing all children: apple juice. Careful! There is a natural cure. Clinical studies are proving the effectiveness of apple juice to dehydrate children with acute gastroenteritis. There are doctors in the US, but also in Romania who recommended in cases of dehydration. Here is the latest study on the use of the apple juice in case of gastroenteritis in children. The results were published in JAMA, in April 2016. Gastroenteritis is a common disease in children and adolescents. Oral dehydration solutions containing mineral salts or electrolytes are given routinely to treat and prevent dehydration.

dehydration solutions
dehydration solutions

But because of the taste, these solutions are difficult to accept by children. In addition, inefficient and expensive. To see if apple juice is an effective alternative salt of rehydration, doctors at the emergency department pediatric hospital in Toronto (Canada) conducted a study that included 647 children, aged between 6 and 60 months, which arrived at the hospital with a diagnosis of gastroenteritis and mild dehydration. The children were given: 1) or apple juice diluted with water to a concentration of 50% for the initial hydration, followed by liquid child’s choice; 2) or oral rehydration solution (SRO) electrolyte with apple flavor. The primary outcome was treatment failure with electrolytes, defined as the occurrence of any of the following consequences in the next 7 days: intravenous rehydration, hospitalization, unscheduled visit to the doctor, the doctor’s request to take the other group study, weight loss ≥3%. Treatment failure was significantly lower in the group of children who received apple juice (16% vs 25%). An important finding is the fact that very few children of the dehydrated with apple juice reached infusions (0.9% vs. 6.8%). Apple juice was most beneficial for children over 24 months.

In a commentary published by the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. John D. Cowden, pediatrician and medical director at Children’s Mercy Kansas City, states: “The use of oral rehydration solutions in cases of gastroenteritis light is not only unnecessary but and dangerous because it could lead to results worse than using liquid easier and cheaper accepted such as apple juice. Evidence in support of a less restrictive approach with regard to dehydrate children with mild dehydration should be well received by physicians and parents alike. ” In a posting on its Facebook, conf. Dr. Michael Craigslist, pediatrician at the National Institute for Mother and Child Health, writes about this study: “I find it very interesting validation of recommendations they used routinely my masters. (…) My Masters (I would mention here Mr. dr. Emil Tomescu) using fruit juice with a pinch of salt. A kind of SRO scale with reduced osmolarity suitable needs dehydration of origin European (loss of electrolytes diarrhea or vomiting much lower than in cholera) and in accordance with new reglemăntări ESPGHAN evoking need sodium least (60 mmol / L) and osmolality reduced (245 mOsm / L). Conclusion – give children apple juice and dehydration if not continuously flows. Bit (as a ristreto espresso) and repeated 5 minutes. In 6 of the 7 cases, this strategy will work. Much less annoyance from the child.

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